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RNCRepublican National Committee (US)
RNCRepublican National Convention
RNCRadio Network Controller
RNCRear Naked Choke (martial arts)
RNCRoyal Newfoundland Constabulary (provincial police force)
RNCRegistered Nurse Certified
RNCRigid Nonmetallic Conduit
RNCReally Nice Compressor (audio)
RNCResidential New Construction
RNCRaster Navigational Chart (US NOAA)
RNCReal Numbers and Computers (conference)
RNCRelativistic Nuclear Collisions
RNCRadio Noise Corporation (Belgian Internet radio station)
RNCRéseau des Non Confédérés (French: Non Confederate Network; youth organization; Belgium)
RNCRemote Network Card
RNCRéserves Naturelles de Corse (French: Corsica Nature Reserves)
RNCRelatively Near Codeword
RNCRestoration Node Controllers (AT&T)
RNCRegistered Nurses Children
RNCRemote Node Classifier
RNCRiverfront Noise Committee (Windsor, ON, Canada)
RNCRegional Network for Children (UNICEF)
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New RNC 9000 Leverages ATCA Carrier-class Platform to Address Increasing Data Demand On Mobile Operator Networks
Melanie Sloan, executive director of CREW, said today, "It is ridiculous that RNC would spend $150,000 to outfit a vice presidential nominee and her family at any time, but it is more outrageous given the dire financial straights of so many Americans and the state of our economy.
In November of 09', the RNC Chairman appeared on TV One, a liberal black network, and reinforced the lie that white Republicans are fearful of blacks.
Greener said someone else had scripted his scene back in 1985, and he did not object to doing it because everyone recognized it was satire and did not reflect the way he or other RNC officials really acted.
The MOU sets out the areas in which RNC and AFN have agreed to work together and maintain effective avenues of communication to support mutual goals such as environmental responsibility and the enhancement of training, employment and business opportunities for Abitibiwinni community members.
The Copper Conferencing RNC Free Conferencing promotion provides free web conferencing and phone conferencing accounts to Minneapolis-St.
Sonny Lee is extremely active in the political arena with four different National Republican Organizations - RNC, NRSC, NRCC, and RGA as a nationally recognized leader.
RNC anticipates receipt of the necessary permits for the development of Dumont by early 2014.
Then only 22 and a senior at the University of Texas, Chris Daniel wowed the nation as one of the most dynamic and magnanimous delegates at the RNC.
E[acute accent]--iSPAN 3650 Quad OC-3/single OC-12 AdvancedMC -- for use in RNC, SGSN and next generation layer 2 and layer 3 routing and switching solutions for ATM or Packet over Sonet to IP interworking
The U of M RNC Web site even offers audio and video of select experts giving media a chance to hear and see the experts discuss the issues such as energy, negative campaigning, same-sex marriage, the impact of celebrity endorsements, the economy and more.