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RNCRepublican National Committee (US)
RNCRepublican National Convention
RNCRadio Network Controller
RNCRear Naked Choke (martial arts)
RNCRoyal Newfoundland Constabulary (provincial police force)
RNCRegistered Nurse Certified
RNCRigid Nonmetallic Conduit
RNCReally Nice Compressor (audio)
RNCResidential New Construction
RNCRaster Navigational Chart (US NOAA)
RNCReal Numbers and Computers (conference)
RNCRelativistic Nuclear Collisions
RNCRadio Noise Corporation (Belgian Internet radio station)
RNCRéseau des Non Confédérés (French: Non Confederate Network; youth organization; Belgium)
RNCRemote Network Card
RNCRéserves Naturelles de Corse (French: Corsica Nature Reserves)
RNCRelatively Near Codeword
RNCRestoration Node Controllers (AT&T)
RNCRegistered Nurses Children
RNCRemote Node Classifier
RNCRiverfront Noise Committee (Windsor, ON, Canada)
RNCRegional Network for Children (UNICEF)
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The RNC is set to hold its winter meeting in Washington in the coming days, where the finance chairman position and fallout from the Wynn allegations are expected to be a topic of conversation.
As RNC members learnt of Wynn's resignation, which was first reported by Politico, they offered mixed opinions of how committee leaders handled the situation.
The RNC has also spent nearly $200,000 to support the legal fees of Trump's eldest son, Donald Trump, Jr.
The RNC cleared up some of the confusion last week, when it announced CNN will replace NBC as a host of the Houston debate.
Asked about progress on the rules, but not immigration, RNC co-chairwoman Sharon Day said Democrats in the Senate bear the responsibility for Congress' inaction.
RNC also noted that although a formal memorandum of understanding between RNC and Tsingshan expired on December 31, 2013, the two companies are in discussions with respect to securing additional sources of near-term feed for use in Tsingshan's new processing facilities, and the potential for Tsingshan to participate in RNC's Dumont project through a concentrate offtake proposal.
Accordingly, RNC had intended to release the results of a study by the end of the third quarter of 2012; however, as RNC believes that it can potentially derive significant competitive advantages from these alternative downstream processing methods for Dumont concentrate, these technical details will not be disclosed.
The company said that its high-speed networks will allow RNC visitors to connect in an instant to their company servers and email, stream videos without buffering and download and view full-length HD movies.
While we're old pros at this in Florida with so many big global events coming our way from super bowls to speed weeks, the nature of the RNC will likely light up the airwaves more than any event we've seen," said Frank Wise, network executive director for the Verizon Wireless Florida region.
Neonatal certification review for the CCRN and RNC high-risk examination.
In 2008, he became the first Bulgarian founder of the Republican National Committee (RNC) and a member of a special committee dedicated to the RNC Chair, Michael Steele.
The RNC needs to stop the laugh track, acknowledge that responsibility ultimately rests with party Chairman Michael Steele and seek new leadership.