RNCBRoyal National College for the Blind (est. 1872; Hereford, England, UK)
RNCBRehabilitation Nursing Certification Board (Association of Rehabilitation Nurses; est. 1984)
RNCBRussian National Commercial Bank
RNCBReadiness/NATO Coordination Board
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The constitution: -letter of guarantee in favor of the contracting authority; -virament bank account 0231 0195 2531 0001 RO09 RNCB opened at BCR Medias, or any instrument of guarantee issued under the law by a bank or an insurance company according to art.
00 lei; - The equivalent lion / other currency will use the NBR exchange rate leu / other currency available 7 days prior to the deadline for submission of tenders; constitution-mode: bank transfer into the account RO09 0231 0195 2531 0001 BCR RNCB Medias or through a letter of guarantee or guarantee instrument issued under the law of an insurance company cf.
RO80 RNCB 0182 0341 3783 0001 BCR Baia Mare, confirm.
is 90 days from the deadline set for the submission of tenders; Sign contracting authority: 0231 0195 6886 0001 RO14 RNCB opened at BCR Medias.
Daca security is provided through bank transfer, the transfer will be made to the account RO14 0231 0195 6886 0001 RNCB the AC, opened at BCR, Branch Medias.