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RNDResearch and Development
RNDRassemblement National Démocratique (French: Democratic National Rally; political party, various countries)
RNDRed Nose Day
RNDRoyal Naval Division
RNDReflex Neurovascular Dystrophy (syndrome)
RNDRassemblement National pour le Development (Comoros)
RNDRevue Notre-Dame (French: Notre Dame Magazine; Canada)
RNDRadio Network Design
RNDRadio Notre Dame (French radio station)
RNDRegiopolis-Notre Dame (Ontario high school)
RNDRailroads for National Defense
RNDRelative NDVI Differences
RNDRomanian News Digest
RNDRencontre Nation Défense (French: Nation Defense Meeting)
RNDReducing Nuclear Danger (UN General Assembly)
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Victory didn't say what the setbacks were in its lawsuit, but RND shed some light on it in its filings.
Pursuant to the terms of the amalgamation agreement and subject to applicable regulatory and shareholder approval, the current shareholders of Ackroo will be issued 38,015,317 post-consolidated shares of RND, on the basis of one post-consolidated RND share for every two Ackroo shares outstanding immediately prior to the acquisition.
RND said it will advance an additional loan of $175,000 to Ackroo, on the same terms as the prior loan.
The pay-per-view online collection has been assembled using casualty lists and rolls of honour, as well as diaries, memoirs and countless private letters of RND Serviceman.
Staking operations are ongoing in the district, where RND has the objective of becoming the leading landholder of historically-explored and historically-mined rare earths and rare metals mineral properties.
RND Automation designs customized automation solutions for a wide range of customers, including manufacturers of hydraulic valves, contact lenses and insulated beverage containers.
En outre, le RND soutient l'introduction d'un nouvel article permettant au Conseil de la nation de legiferer.
based RND Automation as the March Autodesk Inventor of the Month for the company's work with clients to manufacture and assemble products more efficiently and precisely with less waste.
RND also manufactures load-balancing products for cache servers and firewalls.
Selon ses dires, [beaucoup moins que]l'engagement du RND dans la campagne electorale au profit de Bouteflika constitue un devoir pour tout parti nationaliste democratique, et l'objectif est de proteger les interets supremes de la nation[beaucoup plus grand que].