RNDFRoute Network Definition File (US DARPA)
RNDFRelative Need Distribution Factor (formula)
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1367xRCP (1) Definitions: MY = Milk yield (kg/d); FY = Milk fat yield (kg/d); PY = Milk protein yield (kg/d); MOL = Month of lactation, variable whose value is equal to 1 for the first month, 2 for the second one, 3 for the third one and 4 for the remaining months of lactation; RADF = Ration acid-detergent fiber (% of DM); RNDF = Ration neutral-detergent fiber (% of DM); RCP = Ration crude protein (% of DM); WIM = Weeks in milk; FBW = Full body weight (kg); FCM = 4% fat corrected milk (kg/d); TEMP = Temperature adjustment factor for DMI; MUD = Mud adjustment factor for DMI; Lag = Adjustment factor for DMI during early lactation; WOL = Week of lactation.