RNFLTretinal nerve fiber layer thickness
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RNFLT was measured by HRA-OCT Spectralis machine (Heidelberg Engineering, Germany 2011).
Actual RNFLT (in microns) in the four quadrants (temporal, nasal, superior, and inferior) of the circle was given, along with a color-coded grading of each quadrant based on the normative Indian data for age and sex.
Pearson correlation coefficient analysis showed that average RNFLT had significant correlation with FBS, PPBS, and HbA1C.
This cross-sectional study shows that a large number of diabetic patients had thinned out RNFL, and the blood glucose parameters had significant negative correlation with RNFLT.
8,9] A recent pilot study by the present authors from India also showed thinning of RNFLT in type 2 diabetes compared with controls.
The retinal thinning, as measured by RNFLT, is not uniform.
Mean RNFLT in Amblyopic eyes (mm)###Mean RNFLT in Normal eyes (mm)
25) were performed to compare RNFLT between normal and amblyopic eyes and the expected value of RNFLT as reported by HRT respectively.
There was no significant association between the type of refractive error and mean RNFLT (p less than 0.
The mean RNFLT in this study was calculated using HRT.
The variability of mean RNFLT in amblyopic eyes was low (+- 0.
The results of studies that have investigated RNFLT in amblyopic patients have been inconsistent.