RNLNRoyal Netherlands Navy (also seen as RNN)
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There is also an increased RNLN presence in the Caribbean for counter-drug enforcement.
Work on the RNLN P-3C CUP is already underway, with the upgrade of the ten aircraft expected to be completed by March 2006.
The contract for the three ASD tugs emphasises the good cooperative partnership that exists between Damen and the RNLN, as well as their shared vision.
At this time, the RNLN has four conventional tugs in Den Helder at its disposal.
Responding to current and future developments in emission reduction and environmentally friendly shipping, the RNLN has opted for a new Damen design: the ASD Tug 2810 Hybrid.
For the RNLN they will replace four tugs of the Linge Class.
This delivery of MPAS follows the one released into service in 2011 and it is aimed at both supporting new aircraft functionalities and implementing enhancements based on operational feedback from more than one year of RNLN in service experience.