RNPPReliability and Network Planning Panel (Australia)
RNPPRivne Nuclear Power Plant (Ukraine)
RNPPRoot Net Primary Production (physiology)
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La informacion sobre la "Reduccion neta de la prevalencia parasitaria" (RNPP) ejercida por el secnidazol sobre las amibas y las giardias medida en los dias 8 y 30 indica que la reduccion amibiana el dia 8 comparada con la prevalencia existente el dia 1 fue de 50% y el dia 30 la RNPP fue 25%.
Manufacturing and supply of the Turbine Building normal operation and Safety Related I&C system (instrumentation and controls, turbine's mechanical values monitoring system (TMVMS), process protections, interlocks and alarms (PPI&A), automatic regulation and remote control system))for SS RNPP, Unit 3 of SE NNEGC Energoatom .
supply of power and control cable leak-tight penetrations, including technical documentation, manufacturing, factory acceptance and handover acceptance tests, supply, participation in the incoming control, special training of the Purchaser s personnel, installation supervision and control during the tests, as well as servicing during the warranty period (please refer to the Technical Requirements for more detailed information) for 2 (two) power units of SS RNPP, 2 (two) power units of SS KhNPP and 1 (one) power units of SS SUNPP of SE NNEGC Energoatom