RNTSRéseau National Technologies pour la Santé (France)
RNTSRocket Nozzle Technology Subcommittee (Joint Army Navy NASA Air Force)
rNTSRostral Nucleus Tractus Solitarius
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By joining RNTS Media, Fyber will be armed with the right resource to be able to rapidly scale our operations and seize the $18 billion mobile ad revenue market.
The confluence of RNTS' cross-platform digital media expertise and the agility and ferocity of a transatlantic startup company is powerful," said Ryan Kavanaugh, RNTS Media Supervisory Board member.
Jai Paik, CFO of RNTS Media comments: "We believe we have a unique business model: regional development rights in proven successes such as Limitless allow us to develop new products for our growing customer base, yet we maintain our original "DNA" in Korea where we have an in-depth understanding of the Asian games consumer market.
This collaboration marks the start of what we hope will be more ventures with RNTS Media.