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RNZNRoyal New Zealand Navy
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The order for an additional REMUS 100, which expands the RNZN's fleet to three REMUS 100 vehicles in total, is part of a larger Mine Countermeasure (MCM) capability being delivered to the RNZN by New Zealand Ocean Technology, Ltd.
The RNZN had a strict naming policy for survey marks established during the course of a survey but this position was instead named F (for Fiordland) 1773 and the number was stamped into a standard bronze RNZN trig mark which a survey rating spent several days polishing to a high standard before it was lacquered.
LINZ having no maritime, hydrographic or nautical cartography experience, the Hydrographer RNZN effectively retained control for the first couple of years; however, LINZ slowly asserted control, the RNZN Hydrographic Service subsequently being contracted to LINZ to provide surveying and cartography services.
The LD Sea Ceptor system is a key component of the overall project ensuring that crucial constituents of the RNZN fleet are best equipped to respond to the emerging threats and protect not only the frigates themselves but also high value units in company.