RO1Resting Oxygen Saturation
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The enhanced 2015 prize money is to be shared by more winners as customers from all regions are guaranteed to win prizes ranging from RO45,000 a week to RO450,000 a month and RO1.
7mn shares of Al Suwadi Power Co at a value of RO1,001,000.
Therefore, the deficit for the year 2014, calculated on the basis of an oil price of $85/barrel, is at RO1.
The country's budget surplus surged to a record high of RO1.
Nawras also launched new welcome packs for RO2, which include the Nawras Mousbak SIM-card as well as RO1 of free credit and also free local SMS worth RO1.
Fees & commission income increased by 39% in 1Q08 reaching RO1.
The market value of the traded bonds and sukuk as of the end of the trading onNovember 12th rose to RO1.
The Gulf state is expected to have wound up 2011 with a budget surplus of RO1 billion, compared with an anticipated shortfall of RO2.
Islamic Banking entities provided financing to the extent of RO1.
During the offer period, cusA[degrees] tomers will get a scratchA[degrees]andA[degrees] win coupon which guarantees two assured benefits for cusA[degrees] tomers A[degrees] free periodic mainteA[degrees] nance service for upto the lifetime of the car and cash back of a maximum of RO1,000.
The visitors can find some great books for adults and children at bargain prices of two paperbooks for only RO1 and RO1 for hard backs.
Again, the UAE topped the list of exporters to Oman with its shipments totalling RO1,323.