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ROAReport(s) Of Audit
ROAReturn On Assets
ROAReserve Officers Association
ROARecord on Appeal (legal filing)
ROARegional Office for Africa (various organizations)
ROAResource-Oriented Architecture (software implementation)
ROARecord of Achievement
ROAReal Options Analysis
ROARoute of Administration (pharmacology)
ROARights of Accumulation
ROARetired Officers Association
ROARaman Optical Activity (Spectroscopy)
ROARemotely Operated Aircraft
ROAReciprocal of America
ROARecognized Operating Agency (ITU-T M 3000)
ROAResearch Opportunity Award
ROAReceived On Account
ROARest of Africa
RoARivers of America (Disneyland & Magic Kingdom)
ROARadius of Action
ROARiviera Owners Association (Buick Riveria model; Altoona, IA)
ROARoanoke, VA, USA - Roanoke Regional Airport (Airport Code)
ROARegurgitant Orifice Area (cardiology)
ROARip Off Artist
ROARestricted Operations Area (military)
ROARusskaya Osvoboditel'naya Armiya (Russian: Russian Liberation Army)
ROARight Occipito Anterior (fetal position)
ROAResearch Opportunity Announcement
ROARadio Orphan Annie
RoARealms of Adventure (game)
ROARead Only Area
ROARegimental Officers Academy
ROAReeks of Awesomeness (online slang)
ROARunning on Arrival (elevator industry)
ROARecord of Assembly
ROAReimbursable Obligation Authority
ROAReorder Announcement
ROARecursive Operability Analysis
ROARomance of Antiquity (class; University of Toronto Schools; Canada)
ROARegion Occupancy Analysis
ROAReliability Output Algorithm
ROARéalisation Ouest Aménagement (French housing development company)
ROARemington Old Army (pistol)
ROARehabilitation of Offenders Act (UK)
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It is about ninety-seven miles in length, and seventy- eight in breadth, rising gradually into three pyramidal summits or cones; the highest, Mouna Roa, being eighteen thousand feet above the level of the sea, so as to domineer over the whole archipelago, and to be a landmark over a wide extent of ocean.
Roa was taken into custody 6 1/2 hours after he allegedly opened fire on deputies as they approached a residence on London Road, about 6 miles south of Cottage Grove.
A number of ROA members were unhappy with the developments, with former ROA council member Dena Arstall describing the process through which Cooper was named successor to Hood as "fundamentally flawed".
Top First Quarter Lenders Ranked by Return On Assets Total Net ROA Assets Income Ozark Heritage Bank (*) 2.
About ROA For more than 90 years, the Reserve Officers Association has been the only organization dedicated to supporting Reservists and their critical role in national defense.
In creating its list from NCUA's 5300 Call Report data, Callahan analysts defined ROA as annualizing the ratio of net interest income + fee income + other operating income -- operating expenses, then dividing the number by average assets.
ROA has been used in industry since at least 1919 when the DuPont Company used it as the top of its ratio triangle system.
Es la intencion de este articulo mostrar como la poesia de Augusto Roa Bastos constituye un evento comunicativo enfatizando tres aspectos centrales de la poesia del autor a traves del analisis del poema "El principio.
The investigators analyzed the association between meniscal damage and ROA using two logistic regression models (one in which the meniscal score was entered as 0, 1, or 2, and one in which it was entered as meniscal damage or no damage) adjusted for baseline age, sex, body mass index, physical activity, and mechanical knee alignment.
ROA may be the central financial goal of manufacturing firms, but even today's "advanced" management accounting systems, including sophisticated activity-based costing (ABC) and enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems, aren't capable of calculating, reporting, or modeling ROA at a level of detail sufficient to allow managers to know the ROA impacts of their day-to-day, deal-by-deal choices and trade-offs.
GOL ranked first in the airline industry with its average ROA growing to 19.
Not surprisingly, conservative politicians and Catholic Church officials see Roa as the devil incarnate.