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ROAMSReusable Object Access and Management System
ROAMSReplacement Operations Automated Management System
ROAMSRover Analysis, Modeling and Simulation (software; US NASA)
ROAMSRemote Off-Air Monitoring System (US NOAA)
ROAMSReusable Object Access Management System
ROAMSRobotics and Automation in Space Symposium
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With this important weapon the Indian catches his game, and also his horse, which roams free over the plain.
Who roams the mountain free, are tamed by his infinite art;
A man of rude health and flowing spirits has the faculty of rapid domestication, lives in his wagon and roams through all latitudes as easily as a Calmuc.
My guardian angel is asleep At least he doth no vigil keep But far doth roam.
The Friar has walk'd out, and where'er he has gone, The land and its fatness is mark'd for his own; He can roam where he lists, he can stop when he tires, For every man's house is the Barefooted Friar's.
Often a door is opened, a curtain drawn aside, in the halls of romance, where the reader may roam at will.
Nearer to you, the smooth and unruffled surface is studded with little islands, where the mountain sheep roam in considerable numbers.