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ROBAReindeer Owners and Breeders Association (Lake Crystal, MN)
ROBARegio Oost Brabant Atletiek (Dutch: Eastern Region Athletics Brabant; Brabant, Belgium)
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New BILFA 58 had higher crude protein content than Roba 1 at each aluminium level under both lime-treated and lime-untreated soils (Table 1).
Mombeeck and Roba make extensive use of JG 2 veterans' photographs and their personal recounting of events (gleaned from interviews and diaries).
After marriage, Roba left her job, but Sonu still worked at the same petrol pump.
Roba said that the two caught up with police scrutiny following a tip off from members of the public.
Here is briefly how ROBA works: After eliminating missing value problem and noise using any suitable method, ROBA decomposes the N x M data matrix A into a number of N x M binary elementary matrices (E.
Gyor is embraced by two rivers, the Moson Danube and the Roba, and it is very near the Austrian border so it's not by accident that it is an ideal city for meetings.
Roba Metals Ltd, which is based in Alcester, has acquired a new warehouse and doubled its output.
Over the coming months, we can expect to see more communities roll out, including professional women, technology, and HR communities to name a few," said Bayt Communities manager Roba Al-Assi.
PhD researcher Roba Abbas from the University of Wollongong is presenting her research on "location based social networking" at two conferences this week.
Neon-Inclined Paper Rad alum Ben Jones gets his own show, bringing the animated adventures of Alfe, the human insectoid, and his twin keepers Roba and Horace, to Cartoon Network.
Roba Hassan, who is studying in Tennessee said she too was sent back in January and experienced nothing out of the ordinary.
The card is free to get and free to use, said Roba Whitely, Exec.