ROBDReduced-Oxygen Breathing Device
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In this incident, my only indication that there was a problem was the presence of physiological symptoms that I had learned to recognize during my annual ROBD training.
THE ROBD HAS TRANSFORMED the way we train by incorporating all of the benefits of the hypobaric chamber without the high-risk environment, while also taking training fidelity and specificity to a much higher level.
This emphasizes the impact that ROBD training has had on fleet safety and the importance of continuing this training in the future.
Because of the favorable response from fleet aviators of ROBD training at the ASTCs, and the device's small footprint and mobility, supplemental training in fleet simulators has been implemented to meet this requirement.
The use of an ROBD is just one part of a larger shift in the traditional physiology and water-survival training paradigm.
ROBD training is scheduled for integration at three ASTCs this summer.
The Naval Survival Training Institute (NSTI) provides physiology and water-survival training, and recently has purchased a number of ROBDs.