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ROBOTResidents Official Board of Technology (Humboldt State)
ROBOTRelief of Boredom of Teenagers (youth program; UK)
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The scientists must devise a detailed, mathematical model of the device and also create a related control mechanism that operates the robot under various conditions.
AE-SA single axis, servo-driven traversing robot features a-c brushless servo motor drive on the traverse axis, which is accurate to within [+ or -] 0.
At RoboCup Junior, an all-day event held in late March at the City University of New York (CUNY) Graduate Center in Manhattan, Sprague's Sprockets and the other teams worked through the challenges that all robot designers face.
Once the robot has removed the casting, it holds it up to an inspection station fitted with sensors to check whether the part is complete.
For autonomous movement, the robot needs to localize and simultaneously create a map or have algorithms enabling navigation of its environment.
Last year's I, Robot recycled a central theme of robot movies--rebellious machines bent on overthrowing their human masters.
Also heading to Iraq is a version of the bomb-disposal robot that fires 1,000 rounds a minute.
Similarly, in California the South Orange Community College District offers the conversational robot MySiteAgent for high school students and their families to learn about Saddleback and Irvine Valley colleges.