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ROBUSTRedistribution Of Baseops/Unit Structure with TDA
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I already have two who are obedient and faithful, have never left me, and serve me for their nourishment and here they are," added he, holding out his two robust arms, furrowed with veins as large as the strings of a bass-viol.
He was tall and slightly built, yet robust with finely chiselled features; his manners were exquisite, and his appearance distinguished.
The robust voice, that had come strangely from the thin ranks, was growing rapidly weak.
And having, meantime, embraced his ward, he passed him into the robust arms of Porthos, who lifted him up from the ground and held him a moment suspended near the noble heart of the formidable giant.
The figure of Charles was light, and by no means without grace; yet it did not strike the fancy of our heroine as so fit to shield and support her through life, as the more robust person of his companion.
Their colours were gray, black, dark green, with a narrow strip of yellow moulding defining their sheer, or with a row of painted ports decking in warlike decoration their robust flanks of cargo-carriers that would know no triumph but of speed in carrying a burden, no glory other than of a long service, no victory but that of an endless, obscure contest with the sea.
I looked at him: I measured his robust frame and powerful proportions; I saw my own reflection in the mirror over the mantel-piece; I amused myself with comparing the two pictures.
He was some twenty-five years of age, and about six feet in height, robust and well made, and of the most extraordinary aspect.
His face was skinny and thin al most to emaciation; but yet it bore no signs of disease— on the contrary, it had every indication of the most robust and enduring health.
thou ruinest, as contagion destroys the most robust health, that is to say, in an instant.
The men were stout, robust, active, and good looking, and the women handsomer than those of the tribes nearer to the coast.
There was so much of him; he was so rich and robust, so easy, friendly, well-disposed, that he kept her fancy constantly on the alert.