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We five ROCAF pilots completed the training in September 1959, and returned to Taiwan shortly thereafter.
The cover story was that the ROCAF had purchased the aircraft, that bore the Chinese national insignia.
2] However, U-2s piloted by the ROCAF could fly over the mainland to collect intelligence because the Republic of China was at war with the People's Republic of China.
To avoid possible damage during delivery, the ROCAF photo laboratory in Taoyuan expanded to cope with the requirements for processing U-2 film and to make enough copies for both parties.
All ROCAF reconnaissance aircraft, including the RB-57D, could reach only the coastal provinces.
Peking was the most heavily defended area in the whole PRC and no ROCAF aircraft had flown near that area since an RB-57D had done it on October 7, 1959, hut did not return.
It stated: "In the first six months of 1962, ROCAF U-2s intruded 11 times, and had flown over almost all regions of China except Tibet and Sinkiang.
The only evidence we obtained was that ROCAF COMINT had not intercepted any position report on Chen's aircraft reaching Nancheng.