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ROCCRange Operations Control Center
ROCCRegional Operations Control Center
ROCCRiver Oaks Country Club (Houston, TX)
ROCCRoyal Oaks Country Club (various locations)
ROCCRegional Occupational Care Center (Indiana)
ROCCRadiation Oncology Certified Coder (certification)
ROCCResidents of Color Council
ROCCRail Operations Control Center
ROCCRocketry of Central Carolina (Midland, NC)
ROCCRoyal Oak Community Coalition (Michigan)
ROCCRural Organizing and Cultural Center (Lexington, Mississippi)
ROCCRoyal Oak Coin Club (Michigan)
ROCCResettlement of Offenders Coordinating Committee
ROCCRegional Office Catastrophe Coordinator
ROCCRochechouart Olympic Club Cyclo (French bicycling club)
ROCCRegional Office Communications Center
ROCCRegional Office Coordinating Committee
ROCCRegional Office Call Collection
ROCCRare Oriental Cuisine and Concept (Dallas, TX)
ROCCRemote Outreach Cinema Campaign
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Samuel Rowbotham to Robert Owen, April 20, 1839, ROCC 1094, Cooperative Union Archives.
Craig to Robert Owen, July 28, 1839, ROCC 1132, Cooperative Union Archives.
In addition, the software has proven integration links to both OptiTime scheduling and existing back-office systems including ROCC.
The company believed that by providing enough power and antenna gain, a metero-burst system could utilize a sufficiently large number of the weaker meteor-created radio paths, and could successfully tansfer the Air Force's radar target data from the remote AC&W sites to the ROCC at Elmendorf AFB.
The second phase would be a live test to include not only the metor-burst communications link and the radar equipment, but also a controller at the ROCC and actual aircraft--for a true simulation of an intercept.
The ROCC hires 8 staff members who offer monitoring and controls 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.
Also, the ROCC is being utilized to oversee operations at solar power plants SunPower has built in Latin America, Europe, Africa, Australia, and Asia.
ROCC STAR n Quinn celebrates his crucial goal and, below, right, Michael Gardyne hails penalty hero Brittain, Quinn cracks in his wonder goal and, far right, Falkirk's Mark Millar fires home his side's solitary reply
50 SAM AMIDON - Whelan's, [euro]18 THE ALTERED HOURS - Whelan's Upstairs, [euro]8 LE GALAXIE DJS PRESENT LE RAVE - Odessa Club and Restaurant J ROCC .
ROCC STAR Funky looking VW Scirocco is a real head turner and it's lighter than the VW Golf so GTi owners better watch out; FUTURE CLASSIC VW makes a welcome return and this latest incarnation is a cracker
ON THE RUN: Barry Nicholson and Derek Young in training; DON'T ROCC THE BOAT: Jimmy Calderwood keeps a watchful eye as former outcast Rossi gives Ian Ferguson a wheelbarrow during yesterday's return to training
based hip-hop musicians to perform a special, one-time set featuring classic blues samples orchestrated by DJ J ROCC.