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ROCEReturn On Capital Employed
ROCERussian Orthodox Church in Exile
ROCEReturn on Capital Equity (finance)
ROCERules of Coordination and Engagement
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Where PAT/net sales stand for ratio of profit margin (PAT) on net sales for firm i in year y, PAT/TA stands for ratio of profit (PAT) on total assets for firm i in year y, ROCE stands for ratio of profits on capital employed for firm i in year y, Ln NS stands for Naural Logarithm of Net sales for firm i in year y, Ln TA stands for Naural Logarithm of Total Assets for firm i in year y, a stands for (Intercept) constant term, [beta]s stand for regression Coefficients (Slope) and [epsilon] stand for error (Residual) term.
of the 2006 acquisitions meet our ROCE targets although several are currently
As a result, Canadian companies focused on increasing operating efficiencies during the reporting period, reflected in the average increase in ROCE to 3.
Each strategy also must contain financial information, including both historical sales growth and ROCE, and at least a five-year forecast of sales and ROCE.
As widely accepted as NPV and ROCE models are in evaluating potential investments, these are only arithmetic in relation to the true nature of investment opportunities.
However, based on Adjusted R2, which is highlighting that the various independent variables are justifying their impact on ROCE and the value of Durbin-Watson, which is suggesting about the problem of auto-correlation, model 7 is the most preferred model.
Our performance improved clearly in 2005," said Jukka Moisio, president and CEO, "although it still remained below our long-term target level for ROCE of 13%.
The IBM on demand business model for the forest, paper and packaging industry outlines a path of actions that can give the companies a significant boost to the ROCE says IBM.
Many small societies achieved a negative return on capital over the last three years and the Co-operative Commission has recommended a minimum target of 10% for ROCE for every society, he said.
The ROCE target has been revised from 13% to 15% for Tissue and, for Forest Products, from 11% to being in the top quartile of the sector.
ROCE is defined as net income plus after-tax interest expense, divided by average capital employed.