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ROCFReal Orange Carbon Fiber (cars)
ROCFReceived on Certificate From (Quaker term)
ROCFRey-Osterrieth Complex Figure (neurology)
ROCFRosicrucian Order Crotona Fellowship
ROCFRemote Operator Console Facility
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The results that approached significance for the ROCF test were measures of direct recall ([F.
This found no significant differences between groups in the TAVEC verbal recognition memory test or the time recall measure of the ROCF test.
0025, results (Table 4) showed significant, large differences in ROCF percentile copy strategy (t(61) = 5.
Differences were observed in execution of the ROCF in copy strategy and the visual memory task but not in other main scores such as visual-constructional skills or execution time.
The ROCF scores had a parametric distribution, represented by mean (SD): Total Copy M = 17.
Regarding the values obtained by correlation between the B-GSS and ROCF (memory), the scores for Total Copy (r = -.
001 for all the tests (B-GSS, ROCF, and RPM) except for the 11 components of the WCST.
Oliveira, Rigoni, Andretta, and Moraes, (2004), who validated the ROCF for the Brazilian population, this tool is capable of assessing, besides memory, the visual perception and the development of visual-motor coordination.
In the ROCF, individuals are asked to copy and later recall a complex figure composed of 64 segments.
ROCF is converted to 1992 dollars using the Implicit Gross Domestic Product Deflator, found in the 1996 Economic Report of the President.
The estimated ROCF equations (with TOP3 and TOP32) are displayed in Table 2.
The [Mathematical Expression Omitted] of ROCF is 0.