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In our collective hundreds of years' experience working with privately-owned small and medium-sized businesses, our consultants have consistently observed that the owners, who spent a substantial part of their lives building their businesses, spend a disproportionately small amount of time planning how they will receive the financial and emotional reward for all their hard work," said Ronen Shefer, chief executive officer of ROCG Americas.
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ROCG is the only international professional services and consulting firm that specializes in working with owners of privately-owned small and medium businesses to help them meet their personal objectives and maximize their business value in accordance with their financial, organizational and personal goals.
ROCG uses a collaborative approach, working with owners and their pertinent advisors--such as accountants, attorneys, financial advisors, bankers and acquisition/intermediary advisors--so that their knowledge of the owner's business and personal history can be brought to bear to develop one comprehensive, customized and cohesive exit plan that meets his or her personal objectives.