ROCIRauschenberg Overseas Cultural Interchange (est. 1984)
ROCIReturn on Capital Invested
ROCIRocketeers of Central Indiana (model rockets)
ROCIReview of Criminality Information (UK)
ROCIReserve Officer Candidate Indoctrination
ROCIResults-Oriented Cycle of Inquiry (educational analysis protocol)
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The final ROCI phase began in mid-May and coincided with the official end of student teaching.
In their postinterviews, each of the four student teachers independently identified some variation of "resistance to new ideas" as a pervasive challenge they faced while engaging in ROCI.
In keeping with this sense of the word, participation in ROCI seemed to give the group the courage necessary to be bold and resolute despite many challenges.
Frequently, ROCI seemed to offer much-needed comfort to group members.
In this way, participation in ROCI served as a reminder of reform-oriented commitments while student teachers were navigating the competing demands of the field.
While participating in ROCI, the student teachers developed confidence as well as pedagogical knowledge regarding reform-oriented practices.
Each of these examples demonstrates how the student teachers, through participation in ROCI, experimented with various methods for cultivating student engagement in hands-joined learning.
before and after ROCI reveals some interesting shifts.
Lastly, Danni and Bobbi shared that participation in ROCI assisted them in taking theory and principles of middle school philosophy and putting them into practice, a move that may explain this shift in confidence since it resulted in practical experience:
ROCI as a Framework for Building Capacity in Reform-Oriented Teaching
This suggests that ROCI is a framework that supports participants in persisting in reform-oriented innovation even in challenging circumstances.