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ROCKORespite Outreach Care for Kansas Organization, Inc. (est. 2002; caregiving group; Wichita, KS)
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Explaining her decision to support the petition, Catherine Clark wrote: "My beautiful Rocko died today after jumping off this bridge.
We are looking for a home that can provide Rocko with the exercise he needs and an owner with experience of his breed as, like most young American Bulls, he can be boisterous in play and get over-excited, so needs a condent handler who recognises play mouthing and the ways to discourage it.
They had previously owned a German Shepherd so the similar crossbred pup Rocko immediately caught their eye.
Rocko Rosenblatt of Rocko Minerals & Jewelry (rocko@catskill.
It featured a bloke whom "the push called Rocko Riley," renowned for his ugly face and drunken stoushes with "the coppers".
The club sorted me a flat in Sutton Coldfield and Jonno (Jonathan Greening) lives nearby, and Rocko (Robert Koren) is in the same apartment block as me.
Sidwell dedicated his goal to new arrival Rocko, born to wife Krystell.
En la categoria de entrevista fue galardonada Luz Garcia, de la revista Universo de El Buho; articulo de fondo, Leo Zuckerman, de Excelsior; cronica, Daniel Blancas, de La Cronica de Hoy; reportaje, Alberto Tinoco; noticia, Alberto Aguirre; fotografia, reconocimiento post mortem a David Herrera, del diario El Zocalo de Coahuila; caricatura, Christian Garduno Rocko, del periodico Esto.
Lawyer DEAN HENRY of Fostoria, Ohio, protesting a motion to call a police dog named Rocko as an exhibit at an evidence hearing.
Another thug who uses the nickname Rocko - but cannot be named for legal reasons - said the Croke Park protest was a "disaster".
Esta semana se presenta "Easy Money - Great Classic Rocko.
Ilustrado por el caricaturista Christian Rocko Garduno, Servir y proteger .