RODORock Dove
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LOPEZ RODO, Laureano: Intervencionismo administrativo en materia de subsistencias.
gt;> LOPEZ RODO, Laureano: Politica y desarrollo, p.
In prose writing, particularly the essay, modernismo fostered a new simplicity and elegance, the finest examples of which are to be found in the works of <IR> RODO </IR> .
Jaime Concha argues that Rodos concept of youth must be understood deeply in order to ponder the reactions among the countries of the continent: "(s)in entender a fondo y en todos sus matices lo que significa juventud en Ariel, es dificil comprender el americanismo de Rodo" (119).
The influence of Rodos work can be traced on different levels, including the structure, cultural references, philosophical tendencies discussed, and the allegorical tone present in the text.