ROEEReturn On Economic Equity
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While most ROEE centers have seen decreased revenue, they have hardly given up.
As the economy recovers, ROEE organizations continue to look for ways to work and partner with schools.
In recent years, informal discussion with teachers, focus groups, and surveys all reveal a potpourri of reasons why schools attend ROEE programs.
With some subtle changes in verbiage, ROEE planners from decades earlier would probably have offered the same list.
The essential learning derived from experience remains a key component to both summer camp and ROEE.
For many kids, school camp or ROEE is the only camp experience they will have.
After students have experienced ROEE, they are able to make correlations between textbook concepts and the encounters they had during the program.
ROEE is not summer camp, and it is not a classroom school experience either.
Where ROEE involves nature classes and group projects, summer camp features more song, games, swimming, recreation, and personal growth.
The ROEE program can be entirely led and taught by the school teachers or resource persons brought in to lead activities.
Finding good ROEE staff for this plan can be a real chore, and it is not always easy to pay them well or help with their housing.
The following are some ideas to get your ROEE program starting and to keep it growing.