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RoFRise of Flight (gaming)
ROFRing of Fire
ROFRate of Fire
ROFRadio over Fiber
ROFRolling On (the) Floor
ROFResonance of Fate (video game)
ROFRoyal Ordnance Factory
ROFRossini Opera Festival
ROFReport of Findings
ROFReal or Fake
ROFReign of Fire (Unreal Tournament sniper clan)
RoFRain of Fire (gaming, World of Warcraft)
RoFReversal of Fortune (gaming, Guild Wars)
ROFRelease of Funds
ROFRéunion des Opéras de France (French opera association)
ROFRush of Fools (Christian band)
RoFRhapsody of Fire (metal band)
RoFRaces of Faerun (roleplaying games, Dungeons & Dragons)
RoFRenegades of Funk (band and gaming clan)
ROFRoll on Friday (website for lawyers)
ROFRubicon Owners Forum (Jeep owners website)
ROFReceipt of Funds
ROFReligious Offering Fund
ROFRepublic Of France
ROFRetired Old Fart
RoFRing of Flame (gaming)
ROFReduction of Force
ROFRing of Frost (World of Warcraft)
ROFRudin-Osher-Fatemi Model (image cleaning algorithm)
ROFRealm of Forts (gaming)
ROFRules Of Force
ROFRolling Operating Forecast
RoFRealm of Fire (game)
ROFReporting Organization Field
RoFRisk of Falls
ROFReturn on Floorspace
ROFReformat on the Fly
ROFReporting Organizer File
ROFRight of Frame
ROFRaise or Fold (card game)
ROFRagnarok Online Forever
ROFRaiders of the Force (gaming clan)
ROFRing of Faith
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SCH continues to do very well and ROF 59 is an exciting new development for the company which has seen our combined staff numbers reach almost 130.
The 38-year-old father-of-two left his PE teaching job at King James I School in Bishop Auckland in the summer to take on the "exciting new challenge" at ROF 59.
We want to create a safe environment, but we also want to make ROF 59 a comfortable environment for parents as well as an exciting place for youngsters.
The ROF, which will be hosted in Dubai for the first time reflects the UAE efforts in uniting views between international bodies and promoting mutual cooperation for the sake of servicing humanity.
In the section "Risk of Failure," we relate ROF ratings to risk indicators from APRA's GI statistical returns data available to supervisors at the time of the rating and examine the consistency of ratings across divisions.
ROF 59, which stands for Royal Ordnance Factory 59, has been built on the site of the former Presswork Metals factory, which stood empty for more than six years, after Finley Structures invested more than PS1.
Now the 51-year-old, originally from Cambridgeshire, has swapped the Continent for County Durham with ROF 59 - one of the former munitions factories on Aycliffe Business Park.
After months of extensive testing Toshiba has qualified the Aviacomm ARF technology and has agreed to move forward with joint development and integration of the ARF series into the Toshiba ROF solution.
That came to effect 21 years ago, and today the ROF is one of the world's most highly regarded seasons, now about three-quarters of the way through staging all 40-something of Rossini's operas.
Bonn, RN, ROF, a former director of nursing, is founder and president of Restorative Medical, Inc.
Now the site has been renamed ROF 59 - standing for Royal Ordnance Factory 59, its original name - and will soon open with a range of family facilities on offer, creating 20 new jobs.
The family firm wants to name the complex ROF 59, standing for Royal Ordnance Factory 59 - the original name of the group of Aycliffe factories built in the 1940s.