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Funding/Support: This material was based on work supported by a grant from ROHO Inc (www.
With this model, the Meridian Wave was identified as the cushion with the highest maximum transmissibility, whereas the ROHO LOW PROFILE, the Comfort Mate Foam, and the Zoombang Protective Gear with Foam were identified as the cushions with the lowest maximum transmissibility.
The procedures and practices she established at ROHO on matters from legal releases to nuances of transcribing and editing interviews to ethical treatment of interviewees have provided models for programs across the country.
Additional Contributions: We are grateful to The Comfort Company; The ROHO Group, Inc; Sunrise Medical, Inc; and Supracor, Inc, for providing the cushions for this study; and Mr.
It was when she had finally agreed to retire from ROHO, and I was among those considered to take her place at Berkeley.
In the spring of 2005, several ROHO staffers each interviewed her on a separate aspect of her life and career.
For showers, I use my everyday Quickie Titanium chair with a ROHO cushion and a trash bag to keep the back dry.
The ROHO office during her tenure was remarkable for its ego-free atmosphere; her staff was mutually dedicated to excellence and to producing final products worthy of a prominent university.
The QUADTRO SELECT Cushion with ISOFLO[TM] Control by The ROHO Group is a progressive positioning system designed to offer skin protection, stability, and positioning for postural support and increased function.
The ROHO Group is in the business of providing a better quality for wheelchair users and hospital and homecare patients.
ROHO oral histories when completed were usually "presented" at a social event, which served a dual purpose, honoring the interviewee and publicizing the work of ROHO: "We could honor these people in a way that they cared about, which was to have their friends and their colleagues come, and I think that was one of the valuable things that we did, was to bring recognition to these people while they were still alive, and to have an event that their friends could gather and talk to them.