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ROICReturn On Invested Capital
ROICReadout Integrated Circuit
ROICReturn On Investment Capital
ROICRetail Opportunity Investments Corporation
ROICRegional Operations Intelligence Center
ROICResident Officer In Charge
ROICRegional Office Implementation Committee
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Nevertheless, the level of profitability is still the fourth highest on record; a soft-landing brought about by changes to industry structure and behaviour, with much more focus on generating an adequate ROIC.
Four regression models were developed to evaluate the impact of ERM implementation (independent variable) on EVA, NOPAT, WACC and ROIC (dependent variables).
The research showed that stocks exhibiting the highest combined degree of improvement in ROIC and activist share ownership outperformed the broad market by a wide margin.
Lo importante es obtener un ROIC suficiente que supere el costo de capital, sea por alto margen o por alta rotacion del capital.
Able to remotely inspect damage to the craft, the ROIC supplants expensive, time-consuming, and dangerous methods, such as a spacewalk or rendezvous with another orbital satellite, such as the International Space Station (ISS).
Tickers featured: AMB, BMR, DCT, DEI, DRE, EQY, FCE-A, HCN, KIM, PLD, ROIC.
Results are translated into the actual incentive metrics used in the plans; in this case, ROIC and income growth.
The DFPA imager consists of a silicon ROIC mated to an optical detector array.