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ROLFRight of Landing Fee (Canadian tax for immigrants)
ROLFReduced Odour Liquid Fuel
ROLFRolling on Laughing Floor
ROLFRemotely Operated Longwall Face (mining)
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In the end, the dean of academics presented the TMUC memento to Rolf as a token of appreciation from the TMUC .
The couple both started to drink too much alcohol and Rolf had been diagnosed with prostate cancer, which had added to the strain on their relationship.
Also, the completion of the merger implies that all assets, rights and obligations of Ganger Rolf ASA are transferred into Bonheur ASA.
Under the deal, Ganger Rolf shareholders received 0.
As well as the Rolf Harris costume, they provide a variety of others including an SS officer, which they describe as "good as Hitler costume".
The corporation avoided an identical problem by conveniently losing its Rolf artwork - an 80th birthday portrait of the Queen it commissioned for a documentary.
It's impossible to overstate how influential Rolf was for local children: an international star yet still one of us, beloved by generations.
Rolf is director of a company called RHEL Holdings, which was set up 14 months ago but has never filed accounts.
Rolf and Alfred went into hiding in June 1942, after they watched helplessly as the Gestapo bundled their mum and dad into a car.
Rolf also gets a sneak viewing of some John masterpieces, presently kept in storage at the Tate's Wimbledon warehouse, including one of Dorelia, which he later recreates, and one of Tremadog-raised Lawrence of Arabia.
Moments before starting work, Rolf admitted he simply could not stop painting.
Why don't you all join in the fun, With a paintbrush in your hand, Following Rolf the master, who'll help you understand, ODE TO ROLF How to mix the colours, to make 'em nice and bright, Provided you make 'em gaudy, you know it'll be all right