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ROMEXReuters Order Management for Exchange (business software tool)
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Olimpiu Popescu, co-commander of the task force, worked with Marich throughout the planning and operational phases of ROMEX '05.
In early July of 2005, elements of the Joint Maneuver Readiness Center (JMTC) deployed to Romania in support of ROMEX '05.
In 1994, Graham Smith, an area sales manager for Romex, suggested that Aluma-Systems upgrade its security and install video motion detection.
The United Nations is seeking qualified companies to provide electrical diagnostic tools and supplies with the following specifications: -Fluke Ti 400 infrared Camera High temp measurement up to 2192AF (1200AC) 76,800 pixels (320 x 240) Accuracy: A2AC or 2% High resolution 640x480 capacitive touch screen 12A x 9A field of view Streaming video (USB and HDMI) 60Hz image capture frequency -Infrared thermometer, Fluke 561 -Digital multimeter, Amprobe AC40B -UV leak detection kit, Yellowjacket LED Micro UV #68790 -Carbon monoxide detector, UEi #C071A -Electrical cable, 12-3, 250 ft roll, Romex 12-3 -Electrical cable, 12-2, 250 ft roll, Romex 12-2 -CAT6 plenum cable, qty 1000 ft, pullout box, UTP -Electrical surge protectors
The romex entering the box can be sealed with caulk and the box insulated and sealed to the vapor barrier with "acoustic sealant" and the red tape that is made for vapor barriers.
Romex SIMpull is the most widely used residential building wire in the U.
Southwire and its subsidiaries manufacture building wire and cable (including ROMEX brand NMB cable, SIMpull THHN cable and SIMpull Solutions, products and services), metal-clad (MC) cable (including MC[sup.
Replace Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) Tower at Water Office with a new tower, romex cable, new cement padwith anchors and locate at least 170 feet to the east on Highland Road.
As a result, Romex SIMpull is now the preferred wire for residential construction.
The company was also the creator of SIM technology(TM) found in Romex SIMpull(TM), non-metallic sheathed cable with its revolutionary low-friction jacket that makes it 50 percent easier to pull through walls, floor joists and around corners.
Telkonet is releasing two versions of the new iBridge; the standard power model (iB8000) for use in buildings utilizing Romex electrical wiring and the higher-powered model (iB8200) for use in buildings utilizing wiring shielded in electrical conduit.
Southwire and its subsidiaries manufacture building wire and cable (including ROMEX Brand NMB cable), metal-clad (MC) cable, cord products (including Tappan(TM) sound, security, and communication cables through Tappan Wire & Cable, LLC), utility cable products, industrial power cable, OEM wire products, SCR[sup.