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ROMMRisk of Material Misstatement (finance)
ROMMRegistry of Muslim Marriages (Singapore)
ROMMRotation-Sensitive Movement Monitor (Parkinson's disease)
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The government at that time resorted to ROMM because of the sorry state of power plants under the defunct Napocor.
Romm is an industry veteran with more than 30 years of experience who recently joined the company as its chief operating officer and has been promoted to president and CEO to further accelerate the company's vision to become a leader in the cash-pay aesthetics market.
Space in this article does not allow for a full discussion hereof, but Quan-Baffour and Romm (2015) recount, and reflect in detail upon, some exemplars of how literacy education in the South African context can function to generate an alternative to capitalist-geared (dehumanised) social and economic relationships.
Romm said a handful of the more innovative states have activities analogous in some ways to the CHART program.
In addition to Romm, there was Dmitrii Bukhartsev, whose last posting was as Izvestiia correspondent to Berlin; Leonid Tamm, an industrial engineer; Vladimir Loginov, a midlevel bureaucrat; and Alex Stein, an expatriate German electrical engineer.
Joseph Romm is a physicist, climate expert and writer for the excellent environmental blog Climate Progress (thinkprogress.
Citing Civil Aviation Authority official Romm, the report said that during the negotiations, Turkey showed its willingness to resume Israeli flights to Turkey.
In his posts and in his previous book Hell and High Water Romm has made the stakes clear.
Romm initially suggests pelvic floor exercises and side lying and alternating leg lifts.
The Mercy Papers: A Memoir of Three Weeks" by South Eugene High graduate Robin Romm also was recognized.
Physicist and climate expert Joe Romm sums up the real picture.
In The Mercy Papers (named after the dog who helps Robin Romm through the loss of her mother; the narrative itself deals with little in the way of mercy), the author fires back with a focused, irreverent diatribe on death--including her occasional anger toward those who least deserve it, including her boyfriend, her father, a kitten, the hospice nurse.