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ROMSRoyal Oak Middle School (Royal Oak, MI)
ROMSRussian Multimedia and Internet Society
ROMSRegional Ocean Model System
ROMSRemote Operations Management Service (CommVault Systems, Inc.)
ROMSReactor Operations Monitoring System
ROMSRemote Ocean-Surface Measuring Sensor
ROMSRated Officer Monitoring System
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The PIC16CR73, PIC16CR74, PIC16CR76 and PIC16CR77 (PIC16CR7X) general-purpose ROM microcontrollers are the first in a new series of ROM microcontrollers in the PIC16 and PIC18 families from Microchip.
The optimum Flash ROM size (32K or 64K application ROM and 4K ISP ROM) address growing PCB space constraints for many consumer products and the range of price points provides customers with more Flash memory than ever before.
random access memory (RAM), ROM and flash memory), local area network connectors and SCSI-2 interfaces (Type II cards).