ROPPRoll on Pilfer Proof (bottle closure system)
ROPPRepeat Offender Prevention Program (California)
ROPPReceiver Only Packet Pair
ROPPRegional Official Policies Plan (Canada)
ROPPRoll Over Pilfer Proof (sealing containers)
ROPPRites of Passage Program for Girls, Inc. (Dallas, TX)
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In January 2013, Pertamina expanded its production capacity of propylene by 180,000 tons/year from the ROPP plant in Balongan.
The TM300 can apply one, two, or three different types of caps: screw, ROPP, and push on depending on the model.
The ROPP technology combines refinery of oil and petrochemical, a system which is still new in Indonesia.
In addition to screw caps, wines sold by the Three Loose Screws Wine Company will use Neocork and Nomacorc synthetic stoppers, ROPP aluminum capsules manufactured by G-3 Enterprises, and ZORK closures.
The company currently uses Neocork and Nomacorc synthetic stoppers and ROPP aluminum capsules manufactured by Alplast and G-3 Enterprises, but will add the ZORK PopCap and Alcoa's Vin Tegra(TM) glass and acrylic stopper to its repertoire, while continuing to review new alternative closures as they are introduced to the market.
The Ropps had met Amy's birthfather briefly as part of the adoption process in 1972.