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Since the first treatment, a second patient at Cairns has already commenced treatments after being planned with RapidPlan, and a similar approach is now being introduced at a second ROQ site in Toowoomba.
We are pleased to see such an eminent oncology center as ROQ introducing RapidPlan into the clinical workflow," said Stuart Hamilton, Varian's regional sales director.
Table 1 provides a shift-share decomposition of employment growth in the BM and ROQ regions.
9 thousand jobs, while for the ROQ region, growth at the national rate would have seen an additional 188.
Thus the negative contribution made by the IM component for ROQ, indicates a concentration of industries which have grown relatively slowly at the national level.
Overall, the results presented in table 1 indicate that BM experienced strong economic growth relative to ROQ, with the largest contribution to regional growth being made by the RS effect (323.
Overall, employment growth exhibits more variation in the ROQ region.
The ROQ Management Board took a decision on including 9 Russian enterprises and organizations, including OAO "Nizhnekamskshina" in the Hall of Fame at its last meeting.
Russ Klein, chief global marketing officer at Burger King Corporation, said, "COQ ROQ has a rebellious, new rock sound, and we've got a rebellious, new way to eat chicken on the go.
For those counting their chickens, COQ ROQ features six rockers, including head bird Fowl Mouth on vocals, lead guitar and strutting; band mates The Talisman and Kubuki back him on electric guitars with Free Range on bass, Sub- Sonic on drumsticks and Firebird providing pyrotechnics within the pecking order.
COQ ROQ fans can purchase t-shirts, CDs and other fowl merchandise on the band's fully interactive Web site located at http://www.
Gift has not only hit KCRW's (Los Angeles, CA) Top 50 but has been in daily rotation on WOXY/97 X (Cincinnati, OH) and was added to Rodney Bingenheimer's legendary KROQ (Los Angeles, CA) show Rodney On The ROQ.