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ROSAReceive Optical Subassemblies
ROSARomanian Space Agency
ROSAReceiver Optical Sub Assembly
ROSARapid One Step Assay (food safety)
ROSAReverse Osmosis System Analysis (design software program; Dow Water and Process Solutions)
ROSARig of Safety Assessment
ROSARealistic Open Security Architecture
ROSARegional Ozone Study Area (EPA)
ROSARegional Office for South Africa (IUCN)
ROSARotorcraft Open Systems Avionics
ROSAReport of Serious Accident (USACE)
ROSARadar Open Systems Architecture
ROSARegistry of Sidereal Astrologers
ROSARotorcraft Open Systems Architecture
ROSARegional Office Security Administrator
ROSAReport Of Survey Activity
ROSAReport of Supply Activity
ROSAReconstructing Obsolete System Architecture
References in classic literature ?
He checks the look, and asks: 'Shall I take you out for a walk, Rosa dear?
So he is gloomily borne off to the Lumps-of-Delight shop, where Rosa makes her purchase, and, after offering some to him (which he rather indignantly declines), begins to partake of it with great zest: previously taking off and rolling up a pair of little pink gloves, like rose-leaves, and occasionally putting her little pink fingers to her rosy lips, to cleanse them from the Dust of Delight that comes off the Lumps.
I know the sort of nose,' says Rosa, with a satisfied nod, and tranquilly enjoying the Lumps.
You DON'T know the sort of nose, Rosa,' with some warmth; 'because it's nothing of the kind.
After a pause, in which the whimsically wicked face has not been unobservant of him, Rosa says:
says Rosa, shrugging her shoulders, with a little laugh of wonder.
Do you object,' Edwin inquires, with a majestic turn of his eyes downward upon the fairy figure: 'do you object, Rosa, to her feeling that interest?
Then I DON'T like that, and so I tell you plainly,' Rosa pouts.
Now, Rosa, you know very well what I mean, my dear.
cries Rosa, in a little burst of comical contradictory spleen.
cries Rosa, shaking her head and bursting into real tears, 'I wish we COULD be friends
So January 21, 2019, I think it should be the maximum," dela Rosa said.