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ROSCORolling Stock Leasing Company (UK; railway)
ROSCORolling Stock Leasing Company (Railway Industry)
ROSCORocketry Organization of South Carolina at Orangeburg (model rocket club)
ROSCOReorganization Steering Committee
ROSCORegional Obstetric Ultrasound Screening Co-Ordinator (UK)
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People have always called me Rosco or Jamo my whole life, and 'The Fire' nickname was given to me because I like to go forward and put pressure on so my opponents can't breathe," he explained.
Modell's, National Field Network, New York Community Bank, Poland Spring, ReliaTech, Rosco Vision Systems, Rosenberg & Steinmetz PC, Stein, Farkas & Schwartz LLP, and others, as well as our many participants who helped raise money to make this event possible.
Organiser Samantha Buca with Rosco Rainbow, Betty Lou and Charger Baby
We feel Rosco would be suited to a family with children over the age of eight as long as they are confident around bouncy, boisterous dogs.
In the show Rosco spent all his time trying to arrest Duke brothers Luke and Bo as they careered all over Hazzard county in their orange Dodge Charger known as the General Lee.
If you have a wood floor, you can roll portable vinyl flooring over it if it's in good condition," says Rosco Laboratories' Matt DeLong.
Name: Rosco Age: 18 weeks in the pic Owners: David & Janet Lives: Newcastle Loves rich tea biscuits dipped in tea.
Lots of people predicted Swindon were going to win, and Rosco [Alun Rossiter] was confi-dent his side could get the better of us.
To make the lighting design come to life, SGK partnered with EYE Lighting, which donated five Urban Act Architectural ceramic metal halide floodlights with pink glass lenses from Rosco Labs.
Speaking about the team's delight to have a number of challengers around the globe, Green said: "The solutions range from the low-tech scrap jet fighter of the North American Eagle team, through the bespoke but relatively simple Aussie Invader 5R--led by Rosco McGlashan--to the most complex design of all: Bloodhound SSC.
Atlas Copco, Eager Beaver, Genesis, Liebherr, LeeBoy, Rosco and Terex.
T Lighting, Altaian Lighting, Apollo Design Technology, ETC, Philips Entertainment, Rosco, James Thomas Engineering, and West Virginia University.