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ROSERATS (Radio Amateur Telecommunications Society) Open System Environment
ROSERepository of Scholarly Eprints
ROSEResearch on Open Systems for Europe
ROSERemote Operations Service Element
ROSERush on Seven Episodes (online game)
ROSERegistrar's Online Services (University of Texas at Austin)
ROSERest of South East (UK)
ROSERobotic Sensing (Robotic and Sensors Environments International Workshop)
ROSEReturn on Stockholder's Equity
ROSERural Oxidants in the Southern Environment (ecological survey program)
ROSERational Object Oriented Software Engineering
ROSERequest-Oriented Scheduling Engine
ROSEResearch on Ozone in the Stratosphere and its Evolution
ROSEReal-time Object-oriented Simulation Environment
ROSERead Out Support Equipment (cockpit voice recorder extracting)
ROSERemotely Operated Special Equipment
ROSEResistivity of Solvent Extraction
ROSERemote Optical Sensing of the Environment
ROSEReconnaissance Operations and Secret Enforcement
ROSERegister On Silicon Editor
ROSEResonance OverShoot Eliminator (normalizes arterial catheter waveforms)
ROSEReduced-Order-State Estimator
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But with me she will not dance, for I have no red rose to give her"; and he flung himself down on the grass, and buried his face in his hands, and wept.
He is weeping for a red rose," said the Nightingale.
Give me a red rose," she cried, "and I will sing you my sweetest song.
It would have been as easy for Rose to be cheerful in the midst of mere squalor as for a flower to bloom white in a crowded tenement, but at the swift realization of the lack of tenderness for her which this indifference to her first impressions so clearly expressed, her faith in the man she had married began to wither.
As Rose forced herself to face this squarely, something within her crumpled.
Through the open door he observed that Rose was sweeping.
But Ariadne Blish was the worst failure of all, for Rose could not bear the sight of her, and said she was so like a wax doll she longed to give her a pinch and see if she would squeak.
They said nothing to Rose about their plan for this Saturday afternoon, but let her alone till the time came for the grand surprise, little dreaming that the odd child would find pleasure for herself in a most unexpected quarter.
Other fellows wondered at the sudden intimacy, and Rose was asked what he saw in Philip.
Soon they grew accustomed to the two walking into chapel arm in arm or strolling round the precincts in conversation; wherever one was the other could be found also, and, as though acknowledging his proprietorship, boys who wanted Rose would leave messages with Carey.
A few--a very few--will suffice, Rose,' said the young man, drawing his chair towards her.
Rose, Rose, to know that you were passing away like some soft shadow, which a light from above, casts upon the earth; to have no hope that you would be spared to those who linger here; hardly to know a reason why you should be; to feel that you belonged to that bright sphere whither so many of the fairest and the best have winged their early flight; and yet to pray, amid all these consolations, that you might be restored to those who loved you--these were distractions almost too great to bear.