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ROTATERecycling and Organics Technical Advisory Team (UK)
ROTATERadar Observations of Tornadoes And Thunderstorms Experiment
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I have had many visitors at star parties remark on how nice it is to be able to rotate the eyepiece to a convenient position and enjoy the spectacle of the night sky without discomfort.
In January 2001, Gallo announced that it would begin requiring its three LVNs to rotate work schedules every six weeks.
A new air-actuated lift and rotate table designed to raise or lower product into the most ergonomically-correct work position is announced by Pentalift Equipment Corporation, Buffalo, New York.
Glass panels protect the steel wires and act as handles to rotate the affair.
Rotate the ball slowly in small steps as you press into the center of the ball with the thumb of your other hand.
The SFH 7710 reliably detects whether a photo has been taken in portrait or landscape format, and forwards this information to appropriate software which automatically displays the photo in its correct orientation, eliminating the need to rotate digital pictures in order to view them.
Instead, the majority of California National Guard troops will be asked to rotate every six to 12 months, though a smaller number of specialized units might rotate every two to three weeks.
After a pre-designated number of "reversal passes" are made away from the opposing basket, all the defenders must immediately rotate to find the nearest opponent to match up with and then guard in a man-to-man defensive scheme until the half-court defense is needed.
An axial magnetic field will rotate a transverse spin vector about the momentum axis.