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ROTCReserve Officer Training Corps
ROTCReturn on Total Capital
ROTCReturn of the Champions (Queen live album)
ROTCRelics of the Chozo (Super Metroid music mix)
ROTCRing of Teleport Control (Lineage video game)
ROTCRecord of Telephone Conversation
ROTCRadiation Oncology Tripartite Committee (Australia)
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In the succeeding half century, all male UO students in their freshmen and sophomore years were required to drill with ROTC, McMahon said.
military, Muhammad says some HBCUs are missing out on opportunities to better serve students by directing them to ROTC or Officer Candidate School programs.
De Ocampo OBE (5th from left standing) and Lucky Guillermo (2nd from right, standing) with the surviving Hunters ROTC Guerrilas (seated) and their families.
Hayes and senior John Boulding, Ole Miss ROTC cadet battalion commander, ran the first six miles, and then the other cadets took shifts to run the ball along Highway 9 to Calhoun City.
Nowhere has this disconnect been more evident than in America's largest city, which, until recently, was served by just four ROTC programs.
Soldiers in the ROTC program serve as invaluable resources to their non-prior-service peers, said Cook, who is prior enlisted himself.
We hold our ROTC commissioning ceremony each May in our Alumni Memorial Chapel.
Bryant, had been the professor of military science at the time Boy my father and many others went through ROTC, and it may have been his tour of the UNH campus that persuaded me to go to UNH.
To learn more about ROTC trends, read "Cadets on Campus" in the March 2008 issue of University Business.
Faust and Harvard have an opportunity here to seize the highest moral ground of all and raise the pressure on Congress to modify or drop "don't ask, don't tell": Welcome ROTC back to campus, and make clear that all Harvard students who wish to enter the program can do so.
But even so, we aren't going to be left without officers: some come up through the ranks or out of college via Officer Candidate School, and state schools everywhere offer ROTC programs.