ROTHRRelocatable Over-The-Horizon Radar
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ROTHR makes use of HF radio waves, which are particularly susceptible to interference from lightning almost anywhere across the world.
HF signal reception also changes throughout the course of the day and the seasons, and even at night, so ROTHR poses a particularly difficult digital signal processing (DSP) problem.
In October 1995, sixty thousand protesters marched against ROTHR in San Juan, Puerto Rico's capital.
With the collapse of the Soviet Union and the decline in defense spending, it was unlikely that such a deployment of ROTHR systems ever would occur.
Using the REDS facility, Emergent evaluates, demonstrates and speeds the transition of new technology to ROTHR without interfering in the operational surveillance mission.
The current ROTHR network plays a large role in drug interdiction missions and routinely detects and tracks over 8000 targets a day.
ROTHR was a Navy Cold War era system designed to detect vessels and aircraft approaching from the Soviet Union.
2) The fact that the Vieques ROTHR transmitter is aimed at northern South America--with Puerto Rico as its "blind spot"--poses an obvious limitation on its effectiveness in detecting drug traffic into Puerto Rico.
ROTHR is a high frequency radar system designed and built by Raytheon to provide early warning of strikes against aircraft carrier task forces.
The new contract features operations and maintenance at total 6 locations of ROTHR in Puerto Rico, Texas, and Virginia.
ROTHR is a tactical land-based bystatic ionospheric backscatter system, similar in performance to the Air Force's OTH-B radar except that it can be dismantled and re-assembled on a prepared site.