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ROTRRise of the Tomb Raider (game)
ROTRRotate Right
ROTRRock on the Range
ROTRRumble on the Rock (Rumble World Entertainment)
ROTRRules of the Road
ROTRRoots on the Rails (train trips; Vermont)
ROTRReggae on the River
ROTRRaid Over the River (game series)
ROTRRestaurants on the Run (restaurant delivery)
ROTRRise of the Reds (gaming modification, C&C Generals Zerohour)
ROTRRhythm on the Ridge (music festival; Rotterdam, NY)
ROTRReturn of the Rentals (The Rentals music album)
ROTRRulers of the Ring (toy)
ROTRRide On The Ridge (Blue Ridge Parkway motorcyclist gathering)
ROTRReign of the Rathalos (gaming website)
ROTRRebels of the Rebellion (clan for the games Halo 2 and Halo 3)
ROTRReturn of the Robin (hockey tournament)
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By avoiding 1,150 ROTR crashes on the state's 917 miles (1476 kilometers) of Interstate highway system, the project saved S31.
Mean peak latencies (msec) of the VestEP components (I through VI) during rotation-to-the-right (ROTR) and rotation-to-the-left (ROTL) stimuli in patient 4 Stimulus I II III IV ROTR 80 135 315 435 ROTL 110 220 330 480 Normal 77 182 336 476 values [+ or -] 10 [+ or -] 9 [+ or -] 18 [+ or -] 16 Stimulus V VI ROTR 530 680 ROTL 600 705 Normal 632 802 values [+ or -] 19 [+ or -] 19
based ProElite's respected live fight division, EliteXC, Hawaii-based promoters ICON Sport and ROTR (Rumble On The Rock), and SHOWTIME.