ROTVRemotely Operated Towed Vehicle
ROTVRealm of Tar Valon (gaming community)
ROTVRise of the Valkyrie (Heroscape game)
ROTVReusable Orbital Transfer Vehicle
ROTVRomania Television (website)
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North American aircraft owners and operators have been asking and waiting for more effective aircraft tow technologies, and we've responded by introducing the most flexible ever ROTV, making aircraft handling and maneuvering on the ground more effective and redefining today's market," said Michael Turwitt, Managing Partner and Co-Owner of TNA - Aviation Technologies.
The TugMAXXE[R] ROTV electrical aircraft tow technology was designed for customers looking for advanced, smart, environmentally clean, easy to handle, and affordable tug solution that are matching today's modern general aviation and commuter airliners aircraft in the range of 20,000 to 130,000 lbs MTOW (Maximum Takeoff Weight), the fastest expanding segment in this industry.
The contract calls for the full external inspection of the two pipelines using ROV and ROTV methodologies.