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ROURoumanie (Romania)
ROURepública Oriental del Uruguay (Uruguay's Official name)
ROURight of Use
ROURapid Offensive Unit (fiction)
ROURemote Operator Unit (interface device for SMART-T)
ROURestriction Orifice Union
ROURecurrent Oral Ulceration
ROURadius Of Uncertainty
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Based on facts gathered, there is no threat (against the government) but we don't take this lightly," Zagala said on the ROU.
All leases do not merely transfer ROUs; there is no step in the ROU approach to analyze the contractual rights and obligations and to separate leases by their legal nature--that is, either capital leases (rights of ownership [ROO] leases) or executory contracts (ROU leases).
Unlike the lessor, the lessee has no operating lease accounting option and must record an ROU asset and lease liability at lease commencement.
And when Rous was kicked out, all of that pent-up anger was given an opportunity to express its feelings via a new FIFA supremo, Brazilian Joao Havelange.
Rous was hired to continue Flexner's research into oncology, a subject about which Rous at first knew nothing.
Rous Lench is a traditional village complete with a green, a church and an attractive collection of domestic architecture, much of which was built by the Rous family and a subsequent owner of Rous Lench Court; Dr William Chafy.
The problem is that individual assessments are subjective and, with such small discrepancies between modern scales and the Rous one used by BHA handicappers led by Phil Smith it would be hard to make a substantial case against the current system.
He joined Abbe Rous in 2003 after a career that first took him to the Loire Valley via Japan and New York.
The family home was Rous Lench in Evesham, Worcestershire.
The aptness for winemaking of certain Napa and Sonoma vineyards is legendary, and Craig Rous thinks he might know one of the reasons why.
An American physician, Francis Peyton Rous (1879-1970), had occasion to examine a chicken with a tumor.