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ROUSRodents Of Unusual Size (from the movie Princess Bride)
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And when Rous was kicked out, all of that pent-up anger was given an opportunity to express its feelings via a new FIFA supremo, Brazilian Joao Havelange.
Rous was hired to continue Flexner's research into oncology, a subject about which Rous at first knew nothing.
Rous Lench is a traditional village complete with a green, a church and an attractive collection of domestic architecture, much of which was built by the Rous family and a subsequent owner of Rous Lench Court; Dr William Chafy.
Then he told me about the Abbe Rous himself, after whom the wine cellars are named - a local Catholic priest, politician, marketing guru, anchovy fisherman and winemaker, who in the late 19th Century had the vision and gumption to get together the local grape growers and set up a co-operative winery - in order to raise enough money to pay for a new church for his village.
The family home was Rous Lench in Evesham, Worcestershire.
But Caplin Rous is really a capybara, the largest species of rodent.
And they insisted Sir Stanley Rous - the English president of football's ruling body FIFA - had bribed referees.
They then isolated any strands that bound to Rous sarcoma virus, an avian virus of the same family as HIV, the AIDS virus.
Yet the question is whether the Admiral Rous scale, adopted by racing authorities and which determines the weight carried by immature horses, has become outdated.
Rous Lench Court in Worcestershire emerges in the quickening winter market as a showpiece instruction for the Oxford and London offices of Cluttons.