ROWCRetired Officers Wives Club (US Army retirees)
ROWCReturn on Working Capital (economics)
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In the last part of this research the return on working capital has been analyzed in relation to cost of equity since it is expected that the higher the ROWC, the higher the cost of capital invested by investors financing also the working capital.
The model results indicate the ROWC to be a significant variable and very low R2.
The following table presents the calculation for ROWC, ROCE and WC velocity (dollars in thousands).
Tender notice number : MPPD/TENDER NO -198 & Work No: Remote Operated Wire Cutter ROWC
Tender notice number : MPPD/TENDER NO -38 & Work No: Remote Operated Wire Cutter - ROWC
Year to date ROWC remains in line with our long-term business model
TS return on working capital improved 1,586 basis points sequentially and was above our stated enterprise ROWC target of 30% for both the quarter and first six months of fiscal 2011.
We also remain committed to achieving our previously stated enterprise ROWC target of 30%.
With operating income margin at the high end of its target range and record working capital velocity, Electronic Marketing's ROWC increased over 2,100 basis points year over year with all three regions above our stated targets.
This strong operating leverage on the income statement combined with record working capital velocity drove Electronic Marketing's ROWC near or above our long-term targets in all three regions.
For the June quarter, Technology Solutions' ROWC was above our targeted hurdle rate of 30% globally due to the strong performance of our TS Americas team.