RPTPReceptor Protein Tyrosine Phosphatase
RPTPRemote Play Transfer Protocol (computing)
RPTPRocket Propulsion Test Program (US NASA)
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Comparison between the pre-course and the RPTP surveys (Figure 1) showed that our decision to revise the methodology to incorporate the RPTP survey in our study enabled us to evaluate student perceptions with greater accuracy, but not in all disciplines.
Comparison of the post-course and the RPTP survey data clearly showed the highest statistically significant differences on all questions concerning the research process in English and immunology (Figure 1), indicating that the students felt they had learned a great deal once they reflected upon their initial overratings.
Comparison of pre-course and RPTP survey responses showed significant differences in immunology, but not-so-significant differences in English, suggesting perhaps that English students, being more experienced juniors and seniors compared to less advanced immunology students, had better judged their initial research skills when entering the class.
With this new setup, RPL is looking forward to providing total logistics solutions to its major client PetroRabigh as well as to other potential customers in RPTP.
The spokesman said RPL had already started working with other major RPTP tenants including Astra, Sumitomo Chemical Polymer Compounds and AJMC (Arabian Japanese Membrane Company).