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RPURochester Public Utilities (Rochester, NY)
RPUroadster pickup
RPURevenue Per User (telecommunications)
RPURemote Processing Unit
RPURemote Pickup
RPURoad Policing Unit (UK)
RPURevenue Per Unit
RPURay Processing Unit (computer graphics; ray tracing)
RPURhino Protection Unit
RPURésumé de Passage aux Urgences (French: Emergency Passage Summary)
RPURemote Pickup Unit
RPUReceiver Processor Unit
RPURational Product Updater (IBM)
RPURevenue Protection Unit
RPURyerson Polytechnic University
RPURegional Processing Unit
RPURotor Phasing Unit
RPURepair-Parts-Upgrades (Miami, FL)
RPUReception Processing Unit (military personnel)
RPURadar Pressurization Unit
RPURiverside Public Utility (Riverside, CA)
RPURouting Process Unit
RPURelated Product Unit
RPUReconnaissance, Patrol and Utility Vehicle
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So it is very rewarding to have RPU recognized as one of the nation's top water providers.
BAE Systems decided to maintain the offer of its RG35 RPU and withdrew the RG-31 Mk 5 EM.
The company's RPU and development systems also solve the high-performance computing industry's growing physical limitations of heat, clock speed, and density.
Cities and RPUs have no obligation to support an M S D application; this decision is left to their discretion.
Frank had other reasons to be steamed about the loss of PCPA's territory to RPU.
RPU was also asked if chlorine was introduced into the city water supply at higher levels than normal.
In August 2012, the RPU board passed a resolution to decommission the aging coal fired Silver Lake facility by December 2015.
A Cleveland Police RPU spokesman said: "The male was arrested on suspicion of dangerous driving, failing to stop, no licence and no insurance.
This includes the Ensigma Explorer RPU that provides the high-speed Wi-Fi which is a hallmark of these processors.
Test electricity generation represents the sale of electricity that is generated prior to COD by the Quinto Project and the RPU Project.
The Property Management team led by Angus White has expanded their management portfolio signifi-cantly, adding 25 new properties as a result of new contracts with clients including RPU Group and Vardy Property Group.
NWPMarkJones: Really busy w/end for RPU - 2 serious RTCs, 3 drink driver arrests, public order arrests, cannabis seizures and lots of breath tests