RRBCRave Reviews Book Club (online group)
RRBCRed River Basin Commission (US and Canada)
RRBCRussian River Brewing Company (California)
RRBCRock and Roll Beach Club (Walt Disney World; Florida)
RRBCRelease-to-Release Binary Compatibility
RRBCRolls-Royce & Bentley Club (various locations)
RRBCRe-Radiating Boundary Condition (for Finite Difference Time Domain)
RRBCRoad Runner Business Class (high speed Internet)
RRBCRock River Brewing Company (Cleveland, OH)
RRBCRappahannock River Basin Conservation
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207) In considering climate variability, the RRBC report states that "if changes in climate are going in predicted directions (illustrated, for example, in the rise in US coastal waters), we can expect impacts in the northern mid-section of the continent to include, among others, more vulnerability to both spring and summer flood events.
Creosote was the only toxicant that significantly affected the cytotoxic activity of hemocytes toward either K562 or RRBC targets (Table IV).