RRCATRaja Ramanna Centre for Advanced Technology (Department of Atomic Energy; India)
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Tenders are invited for Lighting And Cabling For Public Facilities In Colony Area At RRCAT,Indore
Tenders are invited for Landscaping At CISF Parade Ground, H-Lab, Medical Centre Including Other Areas At RRCAT Indore
Tenders are invited for Construction Of Chip Bins For C1 Block Shed And Internal Painting Of Glass Blowing Building AND Allied Civil Works At RRCAT, Indore.
Tenders are invited for Servicing And Maintenance Of Aluminium Doors,Windows,Partitions, Replacement Of Glass Panes Etc In All Type Of Windows In Public Buildings,Laboratory Buildings And Residential Buildings At RRCAT, Indore During 2017-18
Tenders are invited for Operation And Maintenance Of Substations At RRCAT, Indore.