RRCIRadio Race Car International (Malvern, Worchestershire, England, UK)
RRCIReflective Roof Coatings Institute (forum)
RRCIRed Rock Center for Independence (St. George, UT)
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Bob Kobet, the Kobet Collaborative, is the author of the RRCI LEED white paper updates, as well as RRCI's original white paper.
The 2012 Annual Meeting was a success with over 60 delegates from the reflective roof coatings industry - the highest attendance in RRCI history the group said.
With the growth of the use of highly reflective white roof coatings, which are the primary means of turning all types of conventional dark roofs into cool roofs, RRCI felt the need to conduct this study to show the increased energy efficiency, the positive environmental impact and the increased roof longevity that reflective roofs provide.